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Yellowstone Sense

A summer trip to Yellowstone added to an ever ongoing accumulation of sensory experiences. Color, texture, smell, sound, transparency, opacity invigorate the creative juices similar to the hot, bubbling liquids rising to the surface. Inviting and dangerous, simultaneously. It is as trapper Jim Bridger (1850’s) stated, “the place where hell bubbled up.” We all want […]

“Walk into History: Asheville’s Urban Trail” Video

It was a treat to spend time with many of the people responsible for the Urban Trail during the filming of this video. Having designed the “Transportation Station #20” and then a committee member of the Asheville Public Art, I have a great interest in our city’s public art. Erin Durham and her crew produced a very […]

Mississippi Maps are Works of Art

In 1944, Howard Fisk completed the “Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River” for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. For three years, Fisk gathered physical evidence mapping over 2,000 miles of the meandering Mississippi River. The maps speculate and interpret the history of this powerful waterway in an incredible series […]

Spring 2016 in WNC

Nature and human nature; the organic and the man made; biomorphic and geometric. The view through the horizontal blinds of the window out to the blooming Dogwood and Azalea is an ongoing accumulation of visual data that resurfaces in all my work. It is the relationship between nature and human nature and the response to these inspirational […]

2016 Studio e-news

August Exhibitions http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412687642 August Hot News http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412676714 July http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412653104 Cantor Fine Art Exhibtion – Los Angeles http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412645382 New Website Launch http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412636630 June http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412632048 May http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412613576 April http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412605824 March Solo Exhibit @ The London, Asheville, NC http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412597794 April Exhibitions http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412595110 March http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412576048 March News brief http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412576088 February http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412554480 January http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412536010 December Holiday Edition http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412523596

2015 Studio e-news

December Holiday Edition http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412523596 October Solo Exhibit@ Mary Tomas Gallery, Dalas, TX http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412477676 October http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412466369 September http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412452679 June http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412377851 May “Articulations”, Group Exhibit, The Haen Gallery, Brevard, NC http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412374953 May Group Exhibition @ Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412364131 RAD Studio Stroll http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412358655 Discounts@ RAD Studio Stroll, Asheville, NC http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412358391 May http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412354185 April http://www.gomnb.com/email/newsletter/1412329361 Exhibition@ […]