believe me: snake, punched Braille on gold foil paper on paper, 13′ x 75′ variable. Asheville School, Asheville, NC. Spring 2019.

believe me: snake is the outcome of a residency/workshop with the Visual Arts department at Asheville School. The exercise, working with teacher Casey Arbor and her students, was a collaborative effort in object, production and conversation. Based on social discourse in a democratic contemporary society,  conversations centered on cultural influence on systems of belief, opinion and value.  Creating a data base of popular keywords proliferating in current technological media rounded out the conversation. This list was then used to hand punch Braille gold foil panels as a means to codify the intrinsic value of language, and translation of language. With the end goal to create a wall-based installation, the students created a short list and voted on the end design – the snake. Allowing the students agency in the design and production, they laid out and installed the snake within a few days. During production and installation, a constant conversation on semantics and the value of words hummed throughout.

Through my Braille works, I am exploring the anthropologic quality of Braille and considering the metaphorical implications of human interaction. I think of what it is like to possess perfect vision, yet the junction of one’s philosophies and ideologies creates impairment. When we can’t see beyond our own ideas, we accept them as sufficient. What if we were to shift, even slightly?  Might a glimmer recalibrate our optics, our perceptions?