Believe me: Wall, 2016 – ongoing, punched Braille on gold foil paper on paper, felt cloth, 10′ x 24′. London District Studios, Asheville, NC. Oct. 7-Nov. 4, 2017.

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Believe me is a self-reflective wall exorcising meditation about one’s character, actions, and motives. Signifying language, value and principles, the wall is constructed of thousands of gold ‘brick’ panels, each displaying inflammatory, derogatory and incendiary words spoken and texted by President Trump. Collected as data and transcribed in Braille, the title is taken directly from his language as a means to influence, infect and validate. As an individual, parent, educator, and a US citizen, this level of language used by anyone in a public forum is unacceptable. Believe me is both a protest and an opportunity. It is a time-based work on inexpensive gold foil paper and codified to intentionally obstruct information, entangling the viewer within its materiality, content and irony. A central table is the locus for a unique, hand-made book contextualizing the wall. The book, like the wall continually grows its list of words, indexing, vocabulary, graphics and statement. Come see yourself. You will be very, very, very amazed! Believe me.

Through my Braille works, I am exploring the anthropologic quality of Braille and considering the metaphorical implications of human interaction. I think of what it is like to possess perfect vision, yet the junction of one’s philosophies and ideologies creates impairment. When we can’t see beyond our own ideas, we accept them as sufficient. What if we were to shift, even slightly?  Might a glimmer recalibrate our optics, our perceptions?