Each installation is uniquely responsive to site location and the concept process transforms that environment with multiple art medias.  Installations unfold through the arrangement of specific synergies, artwork elements, visible and invisible energies within the space and ultimately the interaction with the viewer. Kotara’s installations are interactive, integrative multi-dimensional reflections and expansions of the core geometric and organic forms fundamental to the entirety of his artwork.

Here, every aspect of manipulation and design of space comes into play for the participant’s benefit.  How a person enters and exits the exhibition space shapes their journey, and while aspects of an installation may suggest a particular course, a participant’s response is based upon their own, novel inclinations.

Because each installation is uniquely responsive to site location, I find the concept process to be ambiguous, mysterious, and exciting.  Once executed, the power of each installation unfolds through the synergies among arrangement of two and three-dimensional elements, positive and negative space, and the visible and invisible energies within the space. In balance, my installations may be thought of as active, dimensional reflections on the origin of form.