un día comienza/a day begins, 2014, hand hammered Braille copper mounted on wood panel diptych, 27×56 inches. Two views depict original clean state (top) and later state with patina (bottom). Collection of Del Frisco’s, Dallas, TX.

Hand hammered Braille art transcribed in Spanish & English from a poem by Nobel Prize Literary, Octavio Paz. Viewers are encouraged to touch and interact with the geometric wall art, acting as collaborators, leaving fingerprints and oil from their skin. The right English panel is cleaned continuously while the left Spanish panel is never cleaned, contrasting with a deep, dark patina. “Un día comienza/A day begins” has exhibited at the i.d.e.a. Museum, AZ; Oglethorpe Museum of Art, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA; Haen Gallery, Brevard, NC;  The Asheville School, Asheville, NC; and Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, TX.